Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weekend Getaway, NOLA!

When most people think of New Orleans, they think about Bourbon St. that is one of the first things that come to mind, and thats fine! New Orleans, or NOLA has such a culture unlike any other state and its defiantly somewhere you want to visit within your lifetime. I always tell people that I would be as big as a house if I still lived there because the food is oh so good, and you would want to get seconds and thirds, I promise!

The french quarter is the best place to go when visiting the city! Take some pictures by the Cathedral and just listen to the street acts and music all evening, But don't forget to enjoy an order of beignets! The city has tours that you can take to explore all around the city, so if you want to see a little bit more of NOLA you can by jumping on a horse and carriage and get to exploring.

There are many interesting things that you will see while in NOLA, such as street performers and additional side act. So go ahead grab you a drink and walk to streets of bourbon, and try all of the food that catches your eyes!

My sister and I also took a few pictures just in the time being. Take a look at how a travel for this short trip on my last post. So let me know have you been to NOLA?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Travel: Getaway Weekend..

I typically travel quite a bit, but this post is for short weekend travel. I will be doing another post for a more extended travel closer to December,  Jimmie and I are going on a cruise and I couldn't be anymore excited to finally have a real vacation. 

This is post is in regards to my carry-on bag for trips to New Orleans. This is where the majority of my family lives and I go down there quite frequently on the weekends or for family events.

When I go it is just for a day or two, I pack two to three outfits when I go just in case I want to shoot. The landscape in Louisiana is so beautiful, the levees are such great place to take pictures at. I also like to bring my laptop, camera, and makeup bag. There is two sides to the suitcase that I use all of these Items go on the zipper side so that it won't fall out when I open or close the bag, and my clothes go on the other side under the straps. If I bring any hats with me for my trip I will wear it, so that it won't get messed up (this has happened to me on more than one occasion!). The carry on that I use is a Calpak spinner, I have the 20" carry-on in addition to the carry-on I have the 24" and 28" spinners which I have to check in. These two bags are used for when I take long trips.

How do you pack for a short weekend getaway??

Friday, September 23, 2016

Becoming a Blogger.

Happy Friday! Being a blogger can be a hobby or it can grow into a full time business. As a blogger you become a growing influence in your field, place what you like on your blog and most importantly engage with your readers. The most obvious benefit of blogging is the flexibly and freedom that comes along with this craft, you are your own boss so you make your hours. Blogging can also bring great opportunities your way such as freelance writing which is what I love!

With a love for fashion and lifestyle I started my blog over a year ago in April. My blog has given me opportunities to work alongside PR companies, receive press releases for upcoming events along with attending blog conferences all over the country. The best thing about being a fashion and lifestyle blogger is working with brands and being able to expand your platform your way. Blogging is my outlet it is way for me to get away from the added stress of this world with work and school, I love being able to sit and create new content for my blog!

If you have ever thought about starting any type of blog, I’m here to help. Here are six easy steps to become a successful blogger.

 Starting a blog begins with coming up with a unique domain. The domain needs to be something eye-catching and also easy to remember, you want your readers to easily navigate to your site.

 This is so important and so essential to your blog. Whether you post twice a week three times or even five times a week, there needs to be a plan set in place and time set aside to create your blog post and edit them. This is one of the steps that I have struggled with but getting better and better. I use two calendars for this the first is my iPhone, because I have my phone with me all the time it is easy to reference to. I also use a planner like this one to plan on Sundays. 

 People love pretty pictures and so do I; this is what will draw your readers in. Your pictures also need to have a theme. Will this be black and white? Hint of pink? (This is my favorite) Making sure that you have a consistent theme in your pictures also draws a story for your readers, and when they see something they may just think of your blog. REMEMBER pictures are everything and great for your social media to promote your blog.

When you begin blogging and you want to make it more than just a hobby, you have to begin to be consistent in your post. This is most important as it keeps your audience coming to your site because they know you will have new content available.

Listen to those viewers and understand what they want to see come from your blog. This is the way you will allow your blog to grow into something much bigger than just a hobby or something that you do just in your spare time,but it also will add to your creative side. 

Stay true and consistent to yourself, it takes time to grow an audience. There are many blogs out there that have been going for years, so do not compare their level 5 to your level 1.

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